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Know Thyself!! Don’t Be A Wasted Athlete. True Life short story by Yung’Mike

Goodafternoon beautiful people, Trust y’l having a great day? want to be sure if you’re good @ something?
Yes, Yea?  Then give it a try.

It’s not enough for you to dream about it, wake up and act. Back then in primary /secondary school, I thought i could run faster than anyone else. Like run as spider man, super man, bat man, splash man etc.. Or even run faster than a bike or car or plane or a train… Not until i decided to give it a try during my service year(NYSC camp) and the story became intetesting.

I volunteered to represent my platoon in a 100m race. During the selection process, we were three interested participants from my platoon, so we had a selection training, because they needed just one person from each platoon. During the day of the selection training, I was fully kitted in my white NYSC vest and short topped with my white pair shoe, I was more prepared and ready to to give my dream a kick and show the world through the event my super human running skills.

One, two, three, the platoon leader blew the whistle and we all a raced towards the finish line ……… guess what guys?

Some few seconds to the race, I saw myself on the ground, I fell like the wall of Jericho, just like Goliath fell flat to the ground…. I bowed my head in shame, admitted as I couldn’t stand up to continue the race.

There was laughter everywhere…. boys and fine girls seriously laughing at me as they cheer at other athletes who made it to the finish line……. .. what a shame…. biggest embarrassment ever.

Platoon leader was like, Mike go get some rest.

Moral Lesson:

Many us here are busy building castles in the air. 😂

Not enough to dream about it, wake up and act.

Don’t force yourself to be what you’re not or what you’re not gonna be.

My white vest turned brown immediately, like i I had a bath with sand from the desert. Fall of the mighty dreamer
When you don’t lubricate your joints….no oiling… You just wanna use ur body…

The body gonna fail you…nature can’t be charted

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The Travails of a Vainglorious Prayer-Warrior. Ella’s True Story as Narrated By Yung’Mike

What is the motive behind your impression?
Impressing people because you want to make them feel you’ve arrived? , you want them to know how important you’re? , you want them to feel you’re better than them?

Yea?? Now, lemme drop Ella’s experience.

Ella was my crush, my second crush. Met her in 2009 when we parked to a new house. Her house was a stone throw from mine. I loved her so much because of her dedication and seriousness towards Church activities… Ella made me a Churchy boy, i go to daily church service, both morning and evening. Just because i Love Ella. ❤

I joined her group in Church, *Catholic Charismatic Renewal*, for real i was always in the spirit, my Bible was always handy. Ella made me to love God. She gave me reasons why I should. The group was divided into units, Ella was moved to *Prayer Ministry* and me to *New Comers Ministry.*At a point, Ella started showing me the other side of her. Her spirituality increased also with her ego. She felt she was so important, she felt she was better than me in the spirit, her prayer level increased, she can pray for hours without getting tired. Sometimes noisy kinda prayer i must confess (forgive my phrase, that’s what it is). She does all those things to show off, to Impress me. She do it openly and when she prays, she prays with a loud voice so i can hear her praying. Like i said her house is close to mine, very close.

One faithful beautiful Saturday evening. Ella was preparing dinner, maybe Okra soup or so. After my football training, i branched her house to say Hi. After our pleasantries, i went home.Ella knew i was at home, so she started her usual Evening prayer noise. She forgot she was cooking, she forgot she had her Okra soup on fire. She went straight to her room, locked the door and started praying in tongues (sometimes i won’t blame those pastors that’d tell the congregation *god’s telling me to tell you to empty your bank account and by this time next year your account will be filled to the brim*).

Ella locked her door and started praying with tongues, *bla ho ho rama kata, jo haha lomokopo, render scatter, ya makata lomo shii lanta.* Those were her words, because i could hear her so loud and clear. Her voice was so loud that you can hardly perceive anything with your nose. At a point, my hearing mode went off all i could see was smoke and fire from Ella’s kitchen. My nose perceived the burning Okra soup. Ella’s kitchen was on fire and she never noticed. She was still busy praying in tongues, impressing Evul spirits (Holy Spirit cannot make you to burn your kitchen and starve your family dinner). I rushed down to her house, guess what guys??🤔 Even after helping her to extinguish her burning Okra soup and kitchen, Ella was still busy praying.

I banged and knocked on her door for minutes before she opened the door. She was shocked at what she saw in her kitchen. Burnt Okra Soup. Ella came to her senses, she realized she has been deceiving her self. Dancing to the tune of self deceit. Ella came to her senses, she realized she has been deceiving her self. Dancing to the tune of self deceit

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So Soon? See When President Buhari is Scheduled to Return to Nigeria

Barring any unforeseen setbacks, President Muhammadu Buhari is scheduled to return to the country from his vacation to the United Kingdom this Saturday.

A source close to the president told LEADERSHIP yesterday that except there would be any last minute change, all is set for President Buhari’s return.

The source, a senior official in the presidency, who spoke in confidence with our correspondent, simply said: “Barring any last minute change, we are expecting the president back this weekend, probably on Saturday.”

It was also gathered that the president had on Tuesday this week cancelled an interview with a foreign media organisation, but may possibly grant an interview in London before the weekend.

Another source in the presidency also said that President Buhari “had already packed his bags to leave on Sunday but was advised by his doctors to wait and get results of some tests he conducted before leaving that country.”

“I can confidently tell you that Mr. President might still be there (in London) because he has to succumb to the superior knowledge of physicians who conducted medical checks on him, but his mind is in Nigeria,” he added.

On rumours that he is incapacitated, the source who preferred not to be named in print because he is not in a position to officially speak on the matter said, “What else do you expect from people? If it were to be other past presidents who go on vacation or medical checkup without official notification, there wouldn’t have been room for such rumour.

“But this is a president who is determined to remain transparent in whatever he does in office. Don’t forget that this is not the first time His Excellency is embarking on a vacation outside the shores of the country.”

LEADERSHIP recalls that the special adviser on media and publicity to the president, Mr. Femi Adesina, had on Tuesday said the president may return to Nigeria sooner than expected.

President Buhari had on Sunday written to the National Assembly, informing lawmakers of his desire to extend his leave in order to complete and receive the results of a series of tests recommended by his doctors.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Information, Alhaji Lai Mohammed observed yesterday that it was ridiculous for anyone to compare President Buhari’s health condition with that of the late President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua.

Mohammed who spoke after the Federal Executive Council (FEC) meeting presided over by Acting President Yemi Osinbajo at the Presidential Villa was joined by the ministers of Power, Works and Housing, Babatunde Fashola; Agriculture, Audu Ogbeh and Trade & Investment, Okechukwu Enemelah.

His position came two days after Osinbajo had replied those insisting on knowing the health status of the president, that only the president could disclose the status of his health.

Echoing the acting president’s position, the information minister insisted that the president was hale and hearty, just as he assured that Buhari was well and that he was absolutely in no danger.

Asked if the president’s health came up at FEC yesterday, Mohammed said, “I think I can say without any equivocation that he (Buhari) is well, he is hale and hearty; no question about that. You see, on a lighter note, do you think Mr. President will be ill and we will be here and go about our businesses like this? The minister of power was in Anambra two to three days ago. I was in Ilorin on Monday; all our ministers are busy. But I want to assure you that Mr. President is well and he is absolutely in no danger.”

Noting that it was absurd to compare Buhari’s health with that of the late Yar’Adua, the minister said, “I think it was one of the newspapers that said when I was the spokesman of APC I demanded for hourly bulletin of Yar’Adua’s health and that I ought to be giving hourly bulletin as minister of information on the health of the president.

“And I said you are comparing apple and oranges. Mr. President is not ill, he is not in hospital and there will be no need to give anybody hourly bulletin about his health – pure and simple.

“Mr. President like I said elsewhere is a victim of his own transparency. He was going on leave, he did what the constitution said he should do; he transmitted a letter to the National Assembly and an acting president was put in place and he said, ‘while I am on leave I am going to conduct some medical tests’, which all of us do without announcing it.

“And of course, less than six hours after he got there he was pronounced dead by some people. Even those who saw him climb the aircraft in Abuja said he was flown by air ambulance. I can assure you that Mr. President is well, is hale and hearty and no cause for concern. The Acting President speaks to him every day and he told you so.”

Asked if it was ideal for the president to go on leave at this time of recession, Mohammed pointed out that the constitution guarantees that.

“Absolutely yes; our constitution guarantees that. Did Obama not go on leave; do other presidents not go on leave? Mr. President will go on vacation when he has to go on vacation. Do you know how many ministers have gone on vacation this year? To say Mr. President cannot go on vacation is ridiculous,” he stated.



GoodNews: All N-Power Participants You are About to Smile in This Recession, Just Get in Here and See

January stipend to begin from 10th Feb.

We are busy paying the unpaid ones this week and rectifying some issues and we are aware of the appearing and disappearing of your BVN (keep calm its safe!!!).

Make sure you’ve collected your posting letter and resume work for those that have been posted.


Source: http://www.kikiotolu.com/2017/02/fg-to-begin-n-power-payment-of-january.html


Step By Step Professional Efo Recipes for Starters

Let us take a seat with our popcorn as Vast Kitchen take us on a short journey of how to cook aromatic Efo

To all ‘EFO’ famz, how excited you gonna be reading through this Recipe. ‘EFO’ popularly called by the Yoruba’s is a great soup when preparing with appropriate ingredients Required as we would be analysing on it in this Recipe.

There are countless cultures in Nigeria, just so is the diversity of the vegetable soups of different kind. Nigerian Vegetable soup differs from tribe to tribe and the only head way is that some vegetables are more popular than others.

Eforiro, Afang, Edikaikong, etc are some of the popular ones around. These vegetables are the constants in their native kitchen.


How to make Nigerian vegetable soup:
Tools needed

*. Kitchen knife
*. Chopping board
*. 2 bowls (medium/large)
*. Cooking pot
*. Sieve

How to Prepare the Nigerian vegetable soup: Ingredients
*. Fresh clean water
*. 1 cup of palm oil
*. 6 cups of ugwu leaf
*. Chicken/Beef/fish
*. 2 spoons of ofor
*. 12 cups of waterleaf
*. 2-3 onion bulbs
*. 500g dried fish
*. 1 cup of grounded crayfish
*. Salt (to taste)
*. Pepper (to taste)
*. 1 cup of periwinkle
*. Stock fish head (medium size)

How to make Nigerian vegetable soup: Instructions
1. Cut and wash the meat to prepare it for cooking.

2. Parboil the meat, slicing in 2 onion bulbs, seasoning cubes (to taste) and any other spice. Cook till meat is almost soft for consumption.

3. Boil water and wash the stock fish, removing the sand and other particles, then add to the meat on fire.

4. Rinse the vegetables in cold water and slice it into separate bowls (the water leaf aside and the ugwu aside).

5. Pour hot water into the bowls to soak the leaves for at least 3 minutes, then sieve out the leaves and throw away the water.

6. Repeat the process until you are sure there is no more sand.

7. Add 1 cup of palm oil to the boiling meat on fire, add salt and pepper to taste.

8. Cook for 6-10 minutes, until there is very little traits of water.

9. Add grinded crayfish, periwinkles, a spoon of grinded ofor (sprinkled) and stir.

10. Leave to cook for 4-5 minutes.

11. Add the water leaf, stir very well and allow to cook for 2-3 minutes, then add the ugwuleaf and stir.

12. Leave to simmer for 3 minutes.

13. Turn off the heat and allow it to cool off.

Your Edikaikong soup is ready to be served with your favourite solid meal, be it Eba, Wheat, Semo, Pounded yam or Fufu.

*. Overcooking your vegetables doesn’t only make it overly soft; it also makes it lose its nutritional value. So be careful with the timing.
*. This procedure is for the Edikaikong soup in particular and the procedure cannot be substituted for another vegetable soup.

Soup: https://vastfinder.blogspot.com/2017/02/recipe-how-to-prepare-nigerian.html


Revealed!! Ladies SeeWhy The are More Single Ladies than Guys. Learn this Now and Get Him to Propose

According to TheSheet.ng If you have ever noticed that there are seemingly more single ladies in Nigeria than guys, you may need to relax with some chilled juice because you are not alone with your observation.

In fact, it has called for serious concern in recent times where the spate seems to be on a fast rise.

Some attribute the improper fraction to the fact that more females are born daily than males amidst the population explosion.

Sometimes, ladies who think they have all it takes to be take up the ‘Mrs’ tag are caught in the web of certain things that keep them with their parents longer than they anticipated.

This brings up the fact that it is not always enough to have all the qualities required to become a wife as there are some militating factors that come to play when it’s time to tie the knot.

To this end, TheSheet.ng deemed it fit to bring to fore some of the reasons why so many girls are still single despite having attained marriageable age.


Sometimes a handful of ladies await their potential suitors with high expectations and end up scaring them away when they eventually arrive.

Ephemeral things like money, cars shouldn’t form the basis of choice for a life partner but sadly, a lot of ladies are neck deep into such expectations.


The 1914 amalgamation appears to be Nigeria’s bane. The “One Nigeria” slogan is one of the biggest organised lies of the century as there is really nothing ‘one’ about the country despite the fact our 57th Independence Anniversary is only a few months away.

Among the several other factors that stand in the way of marriage for most girls, ethnicity tops the chart. Most times, it is as a result of family influence and when some decide to go against the family standards, they end up stuck and alone with no support from family.


Majority of the problems encountered in Nigeria today originated from religious differences which make it safe to conclude that religion has done more harm than good in the country. Most people believe that religious compatibility plays a vital role in the choice of life partner and this is the mentality that has kept more ladies in their parents’ homes till date.


Sometimes, age difference scares women away from the man they truly wish to settle down with. Usually, most potential unions are threatened when the age difference is wide especially when age is telling on either partner.


Well, like Keith Harrell wrote in his masterpiece, ‘attitude is everything’. Some girls though ripe for marriage have delectable attitudes that easily get men on their feet after a first encounter.

Some ladies who are of age just need to improve on their attitudes so as to attract and embark on the journey of forever with ease.

We are in the 21st century and it’s about time people acted like they really are abreast with issues.

Certain choices should transcend beyond the archaic mentality people used to have into something more.

Source: http://thesheet.ng/ever-wondered-single-ladies-nigeria-guys-read/


Danger!! Don’t Buy Any Customized Dangote Group Truck Tyres, Dangote Group Provide Temporal Solution to Public Outcry of Truck Accidents That often Claim Lives on Highway

Aliko Dangote had ordered his management of Dangote Group of Companies to begin ‘Weed Out’ on suspects connected to the stolen 3.5 million customised tyres that were looted away by corrupt employees of the company to be sold to public users.
It has, therefore, issued a strong warning to the public against purchase of such customised Dangote tyres with its logo boldly inscribed on them, as they would be arrested and prosecuted by law if found with any.

The coordinator of Dangote Group’s National Patrol Unit, CP Abdullahi Magagi (Rtd.) who spoke to newsmen in Lokoja yesterday, revealed that about 285 persons suspected to have indulged in the shady business are facing trials nationalwide.

He alleged that 85 company empolyed vulcanisers went into hideout after being declared wanted over the firm’s stolen tyres.“Over 3.5 million customised Dangote tyres were declared missing and are in circulation across the country. He therefore stated that the management of the company is resolute and determined to recover them through any means legal.
In his words, “Those in possession of our tyres are advised, in their own interest, to return them quietly to the nearest police station, if not we will get them arrested and prosecuted,” he stressed, adding that about 285 commercial drivers and Dangote drivers are now languishing in jail for stealing tyres, while 85 vulcanizers are already on the wanted list.

When contacted, The former Commissioner of Police noted that the kingpin of the black market business, who often comes to Obajana from Kano to buy the company’s tyres, has been identified, noting that the suspect would soon be apprehended and prosecuted.

Magaji further cautioned tyre depot owners to be wary of Dangote drivers, who might give them tyres to sell, disclosing that Dangote Group has concluded plans to establish a tyre company in the country.

On reckless driving by the company’s drivers, he announced that the firm has deployed patrol teams across the country to check the spate of reckless driving of drivers in its fleet, Magaji, however, warned them against reckless driving and illegal haulage, saying such illegalities will not go unpunished.