Advice!! Could My Wife Be Cheating? Man Cries Out For Help

A man that goes by the name Brasilia Created a Thread on seeking for advice on the his observed illicit movement of his wife with a friend.

Hello all, my phone went bad, I was using my wife’s old phone, and i ran in to a message between she and a supposed family friend . my wife asked the guy to take her some where, and the guy replied her like this, are you missing me ? my wife now said,this, my husband is right by side, the conversation went on, and my they were just talking casually, then again my wife now asked him again if he will come and drop her, the guy replied and siad, what about if your husband sees you in my car, my wife replied and said that I already know that the guy has dropped her off twice,

the truth is that I did not per say, it was a day she was going out and i asked her who was going to drop, and she angrily told me i do not know the person, but much later like months later, during our normal discussion, she told me it was that guy . So could she be cheating with the guy, should i call the guy and ask,


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