Advice!! My Sister Is Married To The Most Chronic Cheat Ever! Lady Cries Out For Help

Please I need advice for my elder sister whose husband is a chronic cheat.Their marriage is about 2 years now with a son. She have whatsapp chat proof of his affairs with like 10 other girls. He gives her everything and hides these affairs but my sister is extremely smart. He cheated on her during their 9 years courtship with like 3 different girls that she knows of but she dint have enough proof and people including her inlaws begged her not to leave him without proof. Well fastforward to after marriage, he is still seeing those girls including new ones but this time she have enough proof.

The worst of all was her complains to my mum this morning. She said she discovered in a chat between her husband and one of the girls he dated that she dint initially have proof of that he wants to marry her secretly, that the lady initially aborted for him 3 times before and now he is begging her to get pregnant for him again and he will marry her secretly. Meanwhile he is still constantly chatting and sleeping with the remaining 9 or more others.

She also discovered in his chat the curses from another girl he promised marriage before abandoning her to marry my sister. The lady lamented on how he made her commit series of abortions in the name he was not ready yet and his responds was I want to fvck you tonight are you free?.

From the same whatsapp chat she discovered he gave another girl 10,000 naira to abort a pregnancy recently.
He also invited 3 other different girls from outside his state.
Please if I continue, this whole page will not be enough.

My mum was trying to advice her to save massively since she already have a 6months old baby for him because she cant take care of the baby alone in these hard times. But I think she should just quit.
Meanwhile her husband dosnt know she has all those proofs.

Note* He have refused to open any business for her so that she can be financially independent


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