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The Travails of a Vainglorious Prayer-Warrior. Ella’s True Story as Narrated By Yung’Mike

What is the motive behind your impression?
Impressing people because you want to make them feel you’ve arrived? , you want them to know how important you’re? , you want them to feel you’re better than them?

Yea?? Now, lemme drop Ella’s experience.

Ella was my crush, my second crush. Met her in 2009 when we parked to a new house. Her house was a stone throw from mine. I loved her so much because of her dedication and seriousness towards Church activities… Ella made me a Churchy boy, i go to daily church service, both morning and evening. Just because i Love Ella. ❤

I joined her group in Church, *Catholic Charismatic Renewal*, for real i was always in the spirit, my Bible was always handy. Ella made me to love God. She gave me reasons why I should. The group was divided into units, Ella was moved to *Prayer Ministry* and me to *New Comers Ministry.*At a point, Ella started showing me the other side of her. Her spirituality increased also with her ego. She felt she was so important, she felt she was better than me in the spirit, her prayer level increased, she can pray for hours without getting tired. Sometimes noisy kinda prayer i must confess (forgive my phrase, that’s what it is). She does all those things to show off, to Impress me. She do it openly and when she prays, she prays with a loud voice so i can hear her praying. Like i said her house is close to mine, very close.

One faithful beautiful Saturday evening. Ella was preparing dinner, maybe Okra soup or so. After my football training, i branched her house to say Hi. After our pleasantries, i went home.Ella knew i was at home, so she started her usual Evening prayer noise. She forgot she was cooking, she forgot she had her Okra soup on fire. She went straight to her room, locked the door and started praying in tongues (sometimes i won’t blame those pastors that’d tell the congregation *god’s telling me to tell you to empty your bank account and by this time next year your account will be filled to the brim*).

Ella locked her door and started praying with tongues, *bla ho ho rama kata, jo haha lomokopo, render scatter, ya makata lomo shii lanta.* Those were her words, because i could hear her so loud and clear. Her voice was so loud that you can hardly perceive anything with your nose. At a point, my hearing mode went off all i could see was smoke and fire from Ella’s kitchen. My nose perceived the burning Okra soup. Ella’s kitchen was on fire and she never noticed. She was still busy praying in tongues, impressing Evul spirits (Holy Spirit cannot make you to burn your kitchen and starve your family dinner). I rushed down to her house, guess what guys??🤔 Even after helping her to extinguish her burning Okra soup and kitchen, Ella was still busy praying.

I banged and knocked on her door for minutes before she opened the door. She was shocked at what she saw in her kitchen. Burnt Okra Soup. Ella came to her senses, she realized she has been deceiving her self. Dancing to the tune of self deceit. Ella came to her senses, she realized she has been deceiving her self. Dancing to the tune of self deceit


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