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Know Thyself!! Don’t Be A Wasted Athlete. True Life short story by Yung’Mike

Goodafternoon beautiful people, Trust y’l having a great day? want to be sure if you’re good @ something?
Yes, Yea?  Then give it a try.

It’s not enough for you to dream about it, wake up and act. Back then in primary /secondary school, I thought i could run faster than anyone else. Like run as spider man, super man, bat man, splash man etc.. Or even run faster than a bike or car or plane or a train… Not until i decided to give it a try during my service year(NYSC camp) and the story became intetesting.

I volunteered to represent my platoon in a 100m race. During the selection process, we were three interested participants from my platoon, so we had a selection training, because they needed just one person from each platoon. During the day of the selection training, I was fully kitted in my white NYSC vest and short topped with my white pair shoe, I was more prepared and ready to to give my dream a kick and show the world through the event my super human running skills.

One, two, three, the platoon leader blew the whistle and we all a raced towards the finish line ……… guess what guys?

Some few seconds to the race, I saw myself on the ground, I fell like the wall of Jericho, just like Goliath fell flat to the ground…. I bowed my head in shame, admitted as I couldn’t stand up to continue the race.

There was laughter everywhere…. boys and fine girls seriously laughing at me as they cheer at other athletes who made it to the finish line……. .. what a shame…. biggest embarrassment ever.

Platoon leader was like, Mike go get some rest.

Moral Lesson:

Many us here are busy building castles in the air. 😂

Not enough to dream about it, wake up and act.

Don’t force yourself to be what you’re not or what you’re not gonna be.

My white vest turned brown immediately, like i I had a bath with sand from the desert. Fall of the mighty dreamer
When you don’t lubricate your joints….no oiling… You just wanna use ur body…

The body gonna fail you…nature can’t be charted


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