Step By Step Professional Ogbono Soup Recipes for Starters In Less Than 40min

The ingredients are listed below along with the price of some of the items.


2 knor cubes.

1 milk cup ogbono seeds ( 600 naira)

Crayfish ( 100 naira)

Meat ( 1300 naira)

Ugwu leaves ( 100 naira)

Grounded ogbono seeds,
Ugwu leaves

The recipe…
Total cooking time was about 40 mins…

Here are the steps I followed.

1 Cook the meat with some salt and any seasoning of choice….curry etc

2 Rinse your ugwu leaves under running water

3 Get a cup of water ready, probably 1 litre.

Photo comment.

A) Grinded Crayfish
B) Salt and 2 knor cubes.

4 Pour some oil into a pot, place it on fire, and simmer on low heat. You don’t need the oil to get hot too fast.

5) The oil becomes hot and dark after a while, add your Grinded ogbono seeds, keep stirring as you add. The stirring is to prevent lumps or ‘koko”

6 Add the quantity of water as you stir, keep adding, and keep stiring at the same time. Stir and stir, until you exhaust the water. The trick is to make the ogbono not to be too thick, and not too watery tho.

7 Allow the whole content to simmer on low heat. low heat always does the trick.

8 Add the salt and pepper at the same time.
9 Add the knor cubes and add the Grinded crayfish and stir the mixture.

10 After that, Cover the pot, and allow the whole thing to simmer for about a minute.

11 Add the rinsed ugwu leaves, and your meat. Stir again

12 Cover the mixture and allow to simmer for about 10 minutes, and you are done.

Total cooking time, excluding the time spent cooking the meat, was about 38 minutes- using gas


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